Decolonise not Diversify DIY Exhibition

Here are some quick images from my phone of the exhibition (still sorting through the ones the photographer has sent us, and they're amazing, but I just couldn't wait! Sorrynotsorry)

We were really pleased to feature: Melanie Cervantes, Sukina Pilgrim, Isra Butt, Aisha Zamir, Sanaa Mirza, Sabiha Mahmoud, Rumina Khanom, Sumaya Kassim, and Jade Foster amongst others. 

Apologies for the lack of detail, links and the pithiness of this post. I just needed to get something up before the end of the week whilst I catch up on everything else that I'm behind on. And I really wanted to share some of the magic with you. I'll edit this once I've gone through the official photos. Time to feast your eyes now!