Haft Paykar by Farkhondeh Ahmedzadeh

Farkhondeh is not only a crazily talented painter, but also a beautiful person and incredibly kind soul. Knowing her personally as a friend and as a teacher made seeing an exhibition of her work even more of a serene experience. 

Here she fluidly combines two of my loves in life - art, in the traditional Persian miniature style, and poetry. Her paintings explore the geometric and floral patterns found in traditional Persian art, architecture and manuscript illumination, the patterns unfold like a story being told. Farkhondeh's depictions of Haft Paykar, 'The Seven Beauties' by Nizami, travels though the symbolic and metaphorical, as well as the layers of linguistics in the poetry. 

The exhibition took place at PSTA in March (yes I am just catching up on my blogging now!) but I think Farkhondeh may have some catalogues, contact her via her website to find out more. My pictures don't do the work justice (avoiding reflections at funny angles), but here you are. Enjoy!